Technology in Education

Technology has almost become second nature to the modern man and it has found itself creeping into almost every aspect of our everyday lives. Preschools use tablets and such devices to help teach children understand more about things through visual and auditory input. This method is highly controversial and some teaching methodologies ban the use of technology in preschools. So, is the use of technology in early education good or bad?

Kids get clingy to anything they find interesting and they would seem addicted it but they will also easily get bored by them, so there really isn’t much of a risk with the use of technology in preschools, in fact they actually make kids smarter and this is almost enviable. It took us a third of our lives to learn how to use phones, pcs and tablets and today’s three-year old’s do it with such ease. The visual and auditory input has a drastic effect on their minds and helps them to be more creative and increases their problem-solving capabilities. But technology shouldn’t overpower the rest of the syllabus and teaching methods, because socializing, learning to through touch and practice are equally beneficial and will help kids to grow. Preschools are open to new ideas and innovations as long as they are in harmony with the rest of the teaching techniques. Don’t be skeptic about the use of technology in preschools but only as long as it doesn’t overpower all else.


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