How To Keep Toddlers Physically Active


How To Keep Toddlers Physically Active


This article will explain you on the topic how to keep toddlers physically active. Toddlers need a healthy amount of physical exercise every day to have the appropriate physical growth in them.

First, let us brief you up on how physical activities benefit toddlers. Physical activities help in the healthy growth and development, development of stronger bones, muscles, and joints.

It helps in developing better posture and balance, building a stronger heart, developing healthier weight range, learning new skills while having fun.

They need to feel motivated and enjoy their activities. Keeping an activity log can help them chart their progress, while praise and rewards for each small step achieved can help to keep them motivated.

Here are a few of those physical activities for toddlers to let their energy lose!

How To Keep Toddlers Physically Active are as follows:

1. Walk, jump and play on pillows or beds.

2. Make a safe road to the house and help the toddler navigate through it.

3. Paint big! It’s fun and easy. Roll a ball to paint.

4. Make a simple balance beam to walk along.


5. Make art with fabric scraps by wrapping them into different shapes. They’ll love it all. It usually leads to running around with them.

6. Save bubble wrap, make a road and watch it pop while your toddler walks on it.

7. Safely roll your toddler and help them do small flips.

8. Do a simple scavenger hunt, or head outside for a fun nature scavenger hunt they can do.


9. Play newspaper basketball.

10. Try games for toddlers with a ball.

11. Play balloon badminton.

12. Set up a fun obstacle course, great for a playdate with friends.

13. Simplify older kid games for toddlers, like hopscotch.


14. Play with stuffed animals and create a full zoo of toys.

15. Now, go paint the town red! Let toddlers have some creative time on paper with colors.

16. Gather sheets of construction paper or a stack of mismatched hand towels and lay them down in a path all through the house. Make your toddler walk on the sheets on commands.

17. Blow up a balloon, and have your child run back and forth to hit the balloon before it lands on the ground.

18. Show your child how to walk like a crab: hands and feet on the floor, stomach facing up. Once he can do it, give him a goal.


19. Dump a pile of cotton balls on the floor in your child’s bedroom and place an empty bowl on the floor in another room, have your child move all the cotton balls from his room into the bowl

20. Take the classic game of Mirror to gigantic proportions. Have two kids (the toddler and his reflection) face each other and mirror each other’s movements.

21. Make your own shape sorter using soft shapes from thermocol and an oatmeal container.

22. Contact Paper Art Place a piece of clear contact paper on the table. Tape the sides down. Then give your toddler materials to stick on there.

23. Place paint in a gallon sized Ziploc bag. Seal the bag, then tape them to a window. Let your toddler move the paint around in the bag using their fingers.

24. Create a race track using masking tape on the floor. Then let your little one play quietly with cars on the track.

25. Play with jello, pasta and other such fun food items, make fun sculptures with food and don’t forget to dig into the tasty treats after a while of admiration!
26. Using cubes or blocks, have them build a tower. We can use them to build towers and castles and much many more interesting structures.

Do these simple things to keep your toddler active, healthy and happy! These tips will help you at How To Keep Toddlers Physically Active.


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