Parents Anxiety


Parents Anxiety


In this article, you will learn about Parents anxiety. It seems like just yesterday when he spoke his first words and even lesser time since he started walking.

Is it already time for him to be going to school?

Is he ready?

I… I’m not too comfortable with letting him spend the whole day with a random bunch of strangers.

I’m pretty sure what he learns isn’t worth the risk. It’s ok to calm down, school is a much better place than home for your child as it is a place where your child will carry on the next stage of his development.

So, calm down and rest assured that your child is safe after you’ve entrusted your child in a good school which has proved itself with time and example.

Many parents worry that their littles will be scared of their first day of school. It’s all a huge change for them, so there’s a good chance they will be.

You can help lessen that fear, though, by not letting them see you scared. Learn from my mistakes, save your crying for later, mama.

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I know this is the last thing you want to hear, but you’re going to miss them a lot more than they’ll miss you.

They just don’t have the time! Kindergarten is not what it was when we were in school. Gone are nap times and hours of building with blocks on the carpet.

Their days are packed tight with learning and fun and recess and more.

By the time they get a chance to think about missing you, it’ll be time to go home. It does help, though, to reassure your kiddo that the day will end, and you’ll be reunited.


Tuck a note into their lunch box for a midday reminder that you’re thinking about them.

This one might seem like your biggest concern. When your kids are at home, they are loved, watched, cared for and well taken care of.

But hand them off to a perfect stranger who had 24 other children to take care of at the same time. It seems pretty scary, right?

But, it’s not just you overreacting. Teachers, especially those who work with very young children, are special people.

They know that when you drop your children off at school, you are leaving your entire world in their hands until the final bell rings.

They take that job very seriously. To put your mind at ease, get to know the teacher.

Request meetings before or after school or email her every now and then just to touch base. If you’re able, spend some time in the classroom.


Children learn at different paces, and no one knows this better than your child’s teacher.

Do your parental duty by reading up on what they should know before they get there, and work on it long before the first day of school.

But don’t feel bad about the things they just can’t get. I can promise you, your child will not be the only one at orientation who cannot tie his shoes.

Once school starts, be honest with your child’s teacher about where your child excels and struggles.

Don’t worry about your child’s self-esteem being hurt and scarring him for life because schools build up the good in children and not destroy them.

In this article, you learned about Parents anxiety.

Remember, your kids are at school and will be back in a few hours, don’t panic and worry in vain.

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