LKG and for Lower Kinder Garten is the initial level of education for children as LKG is the class which starts creating or changing the personality of a kid from the roots because the kid first time go alone in the powerful world which full of obstacle and hurdle.

LKG is the very first step in the system of education and we all know the education is a never-ending journey wherein every step of the ladder you have to only face learning and only learning.

We all know that kids are sensitive and it is there first time they are going alone without their guardians so it is our school staff responsibility to make them feel comfortable with the school environment that why Cambridge have the well-trained staff under his supervision who are trained to treat the kid in a wonderful manner and making them learn new things by doing or arranging some playful trick.

Our school believe that guiding such an small kid who is not properly prepared to run , to jump or to utter is a tuff task that why we planned to guide them by going games and we know that extracurricular activities are the heart of kids and if start teaching them by using this trick it will definitely lead to success.


You know what? Why LKG is the most essential in a student’s life because it is the stage at which kid start turning in to student and it is the stage of making them learn the basic manners and skills for the upcoming life moreover the skills like communication, mathematical or learning skills that exist for a long time is the main goal of LKG class.

Our school tried to create the vigorous personality of the kid as after LKG enter into the next level of education which is tuff if a kid is not well trained in LKG.



LKG teaches a kid basic education which includes “Mathematical Numbers”, “Alphabets” and basic poems more than that a kid gets prepared to tackle his own world now, without any support. LKG prepares a kid to handle the situation very easily.

Moreover, when a kid enters into the new world of education into the new school with new friends it is very important to make a good circle of friends and now it is in the hand of the student to make friends by using their communication skills.

It now depends upon kid what kiddish zone of trick they use to make friends and I think it is the very first time they started building their own world of right and wrong.

LKG is that why so important in a children life because of the beauty of long-term learning by crossing every hurdle on their own without taking the help from the parents.

LKG is the best primary level of education and we know the fact because I think it is a very first level of learning by breaking all the obstacle of shyness and enter into the world of school along with a responsibility on their shoulders.

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