Cambridge Montessori preschool is poised to create a learning environment for tiny tots, which is based on internationally renowned Montessori philosophy.

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Little Hearts

The toddlers program for children up to 24 months, takes advantage of the toddler’s natural drive to act independently. CMPS advances each child’s growth and development through a rich and well prepared environment designed just for toddlers’. Each curriculum area of the Montessori classroom emphasizes specific skills, but there is dynamic interplay among the areas, enhancing children’s natural learning process. At CMPS, kids of age group from 1 to 2 years are given lot of importance since these years are crucial and hence lay an important foundation for the overall personality development of the child. The toddler years are a time of great cognitive, emotional and social development

We at CMPS focus on Physical and motor skills, Sensory and cognitive development, making kids understand simple commands, Imitates animal sounds, Resides rhymes and stories in fun way to get them settle down, Help them to walk and sit on their own and handling natural calls.


Tender Hearts (2-3 yrs. Play Group)

At Cambridge Montessori Pre School, we cater the age group of 2-3 years, We work on gross and motor skills, hand eye coordination, grasping power, Settling them by residing poems and stories, Holding crayons, Potty training. With the help of Montessori tools and presentations, they start imbibing problem solving skills in a happy and conducive environment.


Nursery (3-4 yrs.)

Teaching Maths, English and EVS with the modern and progressive techniques of Montessori materials, students at Cambridge Montessori Pre School get into formal schooling set up as per national educational guidelines. Understanding the age specific concepts by actively participating in Montessori Labs ensures their analytical abilities, probing techniques, personality and individuality is at par with the global Montessori students. Reading, writing and speaking becomes easy for kids with the help of our advance curriculum based on curriculum devised with the input from our international experts on Montessori..


LKG (4-5 yrs.)

At Cambridge Montessori Pre School, our curriculum for LKG focuses on the overall development of the child and they take active participation in reciting poems and stories on their own. It prepares them for extempore. Making Maths, English, Hindi and EVS easy for kids and making them learn it fun way.

Preparing kids for formal schools by focusing on the overall personality development of children


UKG (5-6 yrs.)

At Cambridge Montessori Pre School, we make our students understand the basic concepts of prevailing curriculum as per the suggested guideline. Our approach by virtue of involving students in to Montessori Lab is to get them ahead of the competition and make them ready for complex maths at their level like fun. Our trained teachers are very attentive and under a very caring environment, we let our students bloom and prepare them to the higher classes or moving into a formal set up school. Our curriculum is based on the suggested guidelines and inputs from the experts on Montessori and subjects, accordingly it is delivered the way it should be.


Day Care

A Truly International standard day care center
No more worries about your kids now. Come and Join our homelike Post School Day Care Center. Kids are like blossoms! They need extra love, care & support to grow and become beautiful flower. They also make the world look more beautiful just like them.

Advantage – Cambridge Montessori Day Care Centre:

  • Well trained staffs and helps
  • Guided support on curricular activities
  • Safety, security and hygiene standards with zero tolerance
  • Live Streaming on gadgets
  • App based interaction with management
  • Well devised Diet plan by noted experts
  • Health Card and regular checkups from eminent Doctors.
  • Opportunity to join Mind Lab@CMPS*
  • Engagement plans as per international framework

Age Group: Subgroups from 2-12 years
Time: 9am-7 pm
For more information, drop your mail at or call 9015764000


Mind Lab

Mind Lab @ Cambridge Montessori Pre School is an innovative workshop to instigate young mind to think beyond and expand the horizon of learning. It works on their grey matter and challenges their own limits in scientific manner. Methodology for the development of thinking abilities and life skills in kids through strategy games, our mission is to prepare the next generation for the complex challenges by virtue of strengthening a broad range of cognitive , emotional and social skill, by teaching how to think reflectively and by encouraging the kids, how to learn. We at Cambridge Montessori Pre School provides the best of trainer , the best of equipment , environment and a new vision of life from very starting of their life to lead success in their life and create history of themselves.


Teacher Training

Cambridge Montessori Teacher Training Institute is one of the unique place where Dr. Maria Montessori concept of early childhood training is given with utmost sincerity. A curriculum and the entire program is structured keeping the child’s development in mind. Various experts from India and globally have contributed in creating this world class program and we are supported by various Montessori bodies/association.

Be ready to fulfil your dream and become a “Montessori Teacher”!


With so much of positive energy and drive by the current government and their emphasis on turning around the education system in India, we are poised to take a giant leap in early childhood education. A country with a powerful 1.3 Billion population with 65% of citizens below 35 years of age, a golden period has arrived for us. It opens up lots of opportunities in education sector and to be precise ”Teaching Jobs”. The preschool segment is facing a complete makeover as parents are now looking at value for money. Their aspirations have gone up and so is the challenges for early childhood educators.

India needs more trained teachers and support staff for the early child hood education as the completion is cut throat. We also see parents are slowly moving on to truly Montessori experience as being followed across the globe. This is turning more preschools into Montessori environment and hence country needs huge number of Montessori teachers, who are properly trained to handle children of tender age.


Cambridge Montessori Pre School and Day care launches following exclusive courses:


Advance certificate – Montessori Teacher Training

Mode: Regular

Duration: Nine (9) Months

Structure: 6 Month Class Room, 3 Months OJT

Eligibility: 10+2 pass from any recognised board.

Work Exp.: Nil

Fee: 55,000/ for full term

Placement: Assured on successful completion at any of the Cambridge Montessori branch

Location: At CMPS franchise outlets across India (For more details call us)

Certificate course – Montessori Teacher Training

Mode: Regular

Duration: Four (4) Months

Structure: 3 Month Class room, 1 Months OJT

Eligibility: 10+2 pass from any recognised board.

Work Exp.: Nil

Fee: 25,000/ for full term

Location: At CMPS franchise outlets across India (For more details call us)


Certificate course – Montessori Teacher Training

Mode: Distance Learning

Duration: Three (3) Months

Eligibility: 10+2 pass from any recognised board.

Work Exp.: 1 year in teaching

Fee: 11,500/ for full term

Location: Handled by corporate office



Joint certification by Cambridge Montessori Pre School and Day Care Ltd. London and Jalsa Ventures Pvt. Limited, India


On successful completion, you will be eligible for AMI & AMS membership.


For more Info, please send us email at or call us on 9015764000







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