Best Tips to Create a Kid – Friendly Room


Best Tips to Create a Kid – Friendly Room

As soon as we hear this word, we are reminded of cute little creatures who lighten the worlds of people around them just by their mere presence.

When there are kids around, one is sure to not have any peace left with them. But don’t we all love that absence of peace because in return what we are getting is worth much more than the luxuries of the entire world.

Kids are blessings and we must welcome them with open arms in our world. We must make the environment they are going to live in, something that they would like and enjoy their stay there.

Here are 5 Tips to Create an Atmosphere that Your Child Would Love:




Colours are what children love at first sight. They get thrilled when they see colours. Kids rooms should be colourful which will not only give a vibrant feeling to them but also help them to know the names of the colours.

Seeing the colours at all times and being told their names will help in doing so.





Pictures have an alarming effect on the mind of the child. Hanging pictures of basic things in your child’s room and telling them their names will help in easy learning and making the room look lively.

Also give him a wall to hang whatever he drawsin order to keep him motivated in doing so.

Learning by doing is the method as the child would sometimes look at the pictures already hung up and would try making them, which will help him in learning about it.




Being creative will help enhance your child’s creative thinking and will help him to broaden his horizons. Start your creativity from his room.

Creating the effect of solar system in the room by glow-in-dark lights, hanging airplanes and choppers from the ceiling, keeping models of super heroes and dolls for girls, will all help in shaping the mind of the child positively.




If your child is old enough to have fantasies about every other thing in the world, don’t stop him. Encourage him by talking to him, giving him knowledge and information about it.

Putting up pictures is the best way of doing so. Provide and decorate his room with those things to remind him of it. This way he will know that you are there to support him and his ideas.




Books have a very effective impact on a child. Encourage him to read more by decorating his room’s walls with bookshelves designed creatively.

Books of his favourite genres should be kept in order to inspire him and you should help him read them to increase his vocabulary.

Read them bed-time stories which are inspirational, as science states that whatever is learned right before sleeping is retained for a long time in a child’s mind.

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