Our approach is to focus more on the pivotal early grade for children from 12 months to 6 years. The team of passionate educationist who came from esteemed institutions works tirelessly to apply insights from cutting-edge research in the field of educational neuroscience and child development to early year’s education.

The school provides the academically challenging curriculum with flexibility to meet the need of individual children in these critical early years.


The focus on teaching children in a unique manner with the help of Montessori material establish a strong foundation in reading, composition, mathematical skills and encourages individual creative expression and thus kids become independent learners at the early age of 3.5 years.


It helps them instill independent learning, creative thinking, and excellent communication skills and further arm them to succeed in tomorrow’s world.

The cognitive approach in a progressive way with the help of Montessori teaching materials thus enhancing gross motor skills, sensory development, hand-eye coordination and adaptation to the changing environment in their sensitive period of conscious as well as the subconscious phase of their absorbent mind.

All children want to learn. With the freedom to investigate the world around them, they will become active learners. At Cambridge Montessori Pre School, children have the freedom (within limits) to choose their own activities.

With this freedom of choice, children will become enthusiastic learners and this will aid them to develop self-discipline.


The Cambridge Montessori Pre School environment is child-centered. Children progress at their own pace. Lessons are given on individual basis or in small groups. This enables the teacher to discover more about each individual child and their inner development.

Instead of instructing with rote lectures, handouts, worksheets, and lesson plans, our Montessori teacher will offer guidance. The classroom will often contain several stations, each containing toys which allow children to explore and learn.

For example, a common station in our Montessori classroom will have a bucket of Lego blocks and several pictures of simple objects like an apple or a house, which the children can build if they want.


Other stations might have books, crayons, a xylophone, or other engaging activities. The whole idea behind our Montessori classroom is allowing children to learn through playing.

Montessori believed that children educate themselves: “It may be said that we acquire knowledge by using our minds, but the child absorbs knowledge directly into his psychic life.

Concept Method


Simply by continuing to live, the child learns to speak his native tongue” (Montessori, 1966). This is the concept of the absorbent mind.

The Montessori teacher demonstrates key behaviors to implement this child-centered approach:



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