8 secrets to raise a creative child


8 secrets to raise a creative child

This article will guide “My child doesn’t need a creative mind.” said no parent ever. It’s natural for parents to dream for their children to reach great heights, accomplish many things and also be happy while doing it.

A few hundred years ago who would have thought that we could set foot on the moon. Who knew we would have live videos streaming all over the world or we could identify and cure diseases no one knew existed. Also that we could do wonders ranging from space explorations to culturing micro-bodies.

What helps humans make such impossible feats possible? It’s a creative mind. So, here are eight secrets you need to raise a creative child.

8 secrets to raise a creative child are as follows:

1. Trust the Process

Parents and kids tend to get too focused on the final result and pay too little attention to the method. We usually think there are just two outcomes i.e. either success or failure.

Don’t fail to understand that there are places in between where we can stop look around and even turn 180 degrees and try things differently all over again.

If you are drawing a house, it has to have four walls and a rectangle roof. How limiting is that?

There are a million kinds of houses in the world! If you see beauty in the process instead, it’s a lot more fun.

2. Question Everything

Questioning about why things are the way they are is the sign of a curious mind that wants to have complete knowledge of a topic. How’s this related to creativity you ask?

The next thing that people do with the acquired knowledge is trying implementing it in different ways.

Help your child to wonder why things are as they are, ask them why they do things as they do and don’t stop asking why.

Oh, that reminds me don’t ask yourself why had that kid in the first place, yeah… that’s kinda forbidden.

3. Make it Funny

If you have a good sense of humor, you’re already highly skilled at looking at things in alternative ways.  Humor lets kids practice thinking outside the box in a fun way.

Riddles and jokes can get kids in the many-answers mode.

The fun thing about riddles is there can be the infinite number of answers as long as they fit the criteria, these help your kids to try and think about new stuff instead of having ready-made answers.

Also, its common knowledge that funny people are naturally more fluid, smarter and interesting than the not so funny ones.

Bad jokes are allowed to an extent, but not to the extent of flat earth research.

4. Solicite their Help with Problems

Help children with whatever they are doing, remember don’t force help. Help kids only when they need it.

By helping kids solve a problem you help them look at things in a different perspective.

This is a double-edged sword because if you are a little too assertive in providing help the child’s creativity will die.

Don’t set things in stone let them explore and do things a little different from how you suggest.

At the same time don’t push children to do things and not give them a hand when they need it. Be a good parent and know balance.

5. Explain them to Diverse Viewpoints

How many numbers lie between 1 to 10?  

I hope you didn’t say 10, there are infinite numbers( decimal numbers) and if you felt something fishy about the question you pass.

The thing is 10 isn’t the wrong answer but there isn’t just one right answer.

This is the lesson that children must learn. Which way is left and which way is right?

They depend on which way you are facing, so help children to understand these different perspectives and infinite possibilities.

6. Support their Passions

Don’t force any dreams on your children. To be the best that one can be, they must truly be themselves.

Didn’t you ever want to be a/ a pilot, rockstar etc?

I can prove that you could have been what you dreamed and also even better, I’d have to bring the many worlds theory, so just take my word for it.

Don’t let your child read the above lines after a few years and feel the same way you just did.

Let your child see the world with his own eyes and walk his own path, just make sure to pick them up when they fall and encourage them to advance forward.

7. Be a Model

The kids pick up on our energy and enthusiasm, and it makes space come alive.

And if a kid sees an artist making something, he might want to try it too.

You can do the same thing at home.

Sit down and sketch next to your child, or enthuse over your own latest knitting or furniture refinishing project.

Find ways to share what you love.

8.Leave Gaps in their Schedule

Kids need time in their day to engage in unstructured activities of their own choosing.

Children who spend more time in free-form activities like these are better able to set their own goals and take actions to meet them without prodding from adults.

In this article, you learned 8 secrets to raise a creative child.

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