7 Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy


7 Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy

This article is all about 7 Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy. Kids are restless reservoirs of energy and making them stay put is very very hard, is it not?

If only you knew some fun activities to keep them busy in a productive way.

Fear not, for you’ve stumbled on to the perfect place! I will teach you 7 activities which are extremely educational, fun and productive for your child.

7 Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy are as follows:


1. Make a Big Race Track


Boys love playing with cars, so to make it really fun we can set up a big race track!

You can make a simple and effective race track with cardboard.

You can just put it on the stairs and watch as the cars zoom down so fast!

2. Build with Cups


For this activity, simply take plastic disposable cups and let your child build and be creative!

It is simple, but you may be surprised at how entertained your child can be with this.

Children can build towers, castles, and tried knocking them down with the pom-pom shooters. It’s a lot of fun!

3. Make New Crayons


If you need an activity that is a little longer, then try making new crayons!

All you do is take old crayons and peel off the paper (that is the time-consuming part!).

Then you break them into pieces and place them in a silicone mold or muffin tin.

Lastly, you bake them in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 250 degrees Fahrenheit and then let them cool.

4. Make a Rainstick


A fun craft to make is a rain stick! Here is how you make one:

• Take a cardboard tube and poke brads through it on the outside of the tube.
• Cover it with aluminum foil. Cover one end and tape it shut. (You could also stuff the bottom with aluminum foil if you don’t like the look of tape on the outside.)
• Fill the tube with items like rice, beans, and popcorn kernels.
• Cover the open end and tape it shut. Then decorate it with stickers.
Move the tube back and forth and listen to the sounds. It should sound like rain!

5. Freeze Dance


This is a game where you put on music to dance to and then pause it during the song and have your child freeze.

Then resume the music and pause again.

If you play with multiple children, you can play that if a child moves during the freeze time, they sit out.

And then keep playing until there is a winner. Kids will love dance time and this game burns energy on rainy days!

6. Target Golf


This is very easy to do and the kids (and adults) will have so much fun!

Turn a box upside down and cut out differently sized entrances for the balls to get through.

The slimmer entrances should have higher points and the larger entrances, lower points.

You can always pick up some cheap mini clubs from toy shops.

The set includes three different types of clubs, 2 golf balls and 2 practice holes with flags.

It looks like so much fun!

7. Buckets & Beanbags


You can have endless fun with buckets and beanbags, you just need to know what to do with them.

Spread the buckets out, each a further distance than the last and give the children varying points, depending on how difficult the target is.

Younger children could try placing the correct color beanbag in the correct color bucket.

Older children might enjoy lining them up on the stairs at different heights or taking them outside to play with when it’s warm


Bonus Activity!

If you’re organized and have a great route planned, a nature walk can help keep the kids busy for a long time.

Pack up a picnic, paper and pens and head to a local nature spot.

Give the kids fun tasks to do, such as drawing plants, trees or wildlife.

If you know exactly what you’ll come across, like a big pond, swans or an oak tree – write a checklist for them to tick off when they’ve spied it.

Well, you learned a lot about 7 Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy in this article.

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