Steps for Starting a Primary School


Steps for Starting a Primary School

Everyone is aware of the fact that in a country like ours where most of the population is of youth, has a tremendously important factor in education.

80% of the schools are a government in our country and somehow it is still unable to accomplish the goal of “Education for All” and “Right to Education’’ in our nation.

Therefore, our government is now following the PPP (Public Partnership Approach) to encourage private entities to come forward in spreading the social cause of education and to increase the literacy rate in India.

Investing money and time for this noble cause is surely a great initiative that you are thinking to take.

If you are considering opening a school, start a primary school first, run it successfully and apply for its upgradation lately.

Given Below are 10 Steps to Start a Primary School:

  1. Prepare a Blue Print

As the first step, planning is very important. Start with your idea and do the planning of things.

Develop a business plan on how you plan to make your school better than the others and how do you want to see it within the upcoming 5 years.

Finalise the location, Talk to the faculty about teaching subjects etc.

This plan will act as a blueprint and will be the most crucial stage.

  1. Develop a Budget

After making a blueprint, the next step and important step is to arrange your finances.

To start off, an initial investment of 10 lakhs to 15 lakhs is required.

Plan your budget distribution in building the school, making furniture, recruiting the staff, advertisement charges etc.

  1. Form a Trust or Society

Primary schools can be opened privately, of course, but it’s better to bond with a trustee or maybe just take a franchise.

Register your trust under Indian Trusts Act (1882) or your society under Societies Recognition act (1860), to prove non-profit motive of your society.

  1. Finding a Suitable Land

The next thing that you have to do is to select a land.

The selected land for opening a primary school should be around 6000 sqft to 7000 sqft.

After getting a NOC from the department of education, you can buy the land from land owning agencies.

  1. Start Early

Once you finalize the land, start planning its construction without delay. You can hire a contractor or an architect to do this job.

Since you are opening a primary school, it is important to take care of students’ safety measures, big playground, colorful classes, proper ventilation, and sanitation etc.

  1. Approach MCD for Recognition

After the construction is complete, apply to the Municipal Authority for your school’s recognition.

  1. Recruiting Qualified Staff

Start appointing a supportive staff for your school.

Start interviewing candidates and select qualified and experienced staff for office, subject experts as teachers, full-time maids etc.

  1. Promotional Strategies

Promotion is an important part of through this the public is going to know about your school. Start making a good website, promote your school through banners, hoardings, pamphlets, etc.

  1. Pre-Launch

After al,l this is done, begin with the office work of your school.

Ask your appointed teachers to plan curriculum, teaching strategies, learning environment, buying teaching aids etc.

  1. Opening Ceremony

You can organize a grand opening ceremony for the new batch of students, the parents, the teachers and other staff who will create a difference to this school.

Prepare a welcome speech addressing students and their parents about your goals and how your school is going to benefit the society. Arrange a feast for the guests.

These are the 10 steps of starting a play school. This can lead you to a successful launching of a preschool of your own.

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