Summer Preschool Activities


Summer Preschool Activities The school year is over, which means it’s time to bring on summer! Don’t let them idle away their time, keep kids busy all summer long with these simple and fun summer activities for kids.   Shell Shorting Gather your materials. You will seashells shells, a divided, platter and some tongs or…

6 Benefits of Choosing Preschool Franchise

6 Benefits of Choosing Preschool Franchise

6 Benefits of Choosing Preschool Franchise Starting an independent school is starting an entirely new business from scratch. Even though starting a school is the most personally satisfying option, but it is also the toughest too. The process of starting a school is quite lengthy and challenging. No one can deny the contribution of franchising…

Prewriting Activities


Prewriting Activities Before preschoolers can start writing, the muscles in their hands and fingers must be strengthened. That can sound complicated, but really, it’s not. Developing pre-writing skills can be simple. It can be as simple as using a whiteboard. The following activities are simple, require very few supplies – and are a great way…

Learning Vs Student Centred


Learning Vs Student Centred In your research, you’ve probably come across a debate that has been at the forefront of educators’ minds when they think about instruction: what’s better, teacher-centered or student-centered education? But what exactly are these? Keep reading to know everything you need to know about these.   1. Teacher-Centered Education In teacher-centered…

Gardening With Children


A garden is a wonderful playground for children of all ages. There’s so much to look at like different leaf-shapes, stuff to mess around with like squidgy soil and lots to learn, like how big plants grow from tiny seeds. children who are involved with gardening from an early age, and it is surely gratifying…

Importance of Sleep


Importance of Sleep If the average night’s sleep is eight hours (i.e. one-third of a day), one sleeps for one-third of one’s life. If you live, say, 75 years, that’s 25 years asleep, or 9,125 days. Sleep is essential for a person’s health and wellbeing, yet millions of people do not get enough sleep, and…

6 Reasons Why Day Care Centre is Amazing


Child care providers can be our children’s first teachers and therefore play an integral role in our systems of early childhood education. Quality care from a young age can have a huge impact on the future successes of children. But, is that all? Daycare is actually really helpful to your child in paving his future.…

Role of Parents in Early Education


Role of Parents in Early Education Parents play a role in every aspect of the development of their child, they play the biggest role in their early years as they are the first and foremost impactors on a child, their role in the early education of a child must not be neglected even for a…

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