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Why Cambridge Montessori Preschool & Daycare

  • Child-centric curriculum at par with best in the world – The environment at Cambridge Montessori Pre School & Daycare is child-centered. Children progress at their own comfort. The lessons are given on individual basis or in small groups. This enables the teacher to discover more about each individual child and their inner development.
  • The international standard of Montessori education- We strive to create a learning environment for tiny tots based on internationally renowned Montessori philosophy propounded by Dr. Maria Montessori.
    The school develops an excellent Montessori curriculum sourced and researched from across the globe and delivered with the help of operational centers in Asia.
    Keeping the overall development of the child, CMPS is obligated to ensure an environment of love, compassion, harmony, developing critical thinking and making the child independent.
  • Supported by the international council of Montessori experts- Our team of passionate educationist coming from esteemed institutions works tirelessly to apply insights from cutting-edge research in the field of educational neuroscience and child development to early year’s education.
    The school provides the academically challenging curriculum with flexibility to meet the need of individual children in these critical early years.
  • Technical surveillance of school and live streaming- At Cambridge Montessori Preschool & Daycare, we take every step to ensure the safety of kids under our care.
    The entire school compound is monitored via closed circuit television system.
    We ensure to create a safe and securitized environment for the children.
    We provide the parents with USER ID and PASSWORD so that they have the benefit of accessing the live CCTV streaming from their gadgets which assured them about the safety of their kids.
  • Mind Lab@CMPS- Mind Lab @ Cambridge Montessori Pre School is an innovative workshop to instigate young mind to think beyond and expand the horizon of learning. It works on their grey matter and challenges their own limits in a scientific manner. We at Cambridge Montessori Pre School provides the best of the trainer, the best of equipment, environment and a new vision of life from very starting off their life to lead success in their lives and create a history of themselves.

They are taught 4 main subjects viz. Robotics, Mathematics, English and Personality Development.

  • Fun Zone- The early development of a child relies on movement, experience, and play. Children learn through play. The play area at Cambridge Montessori preschool has a wonderful, friendly and welcoming environment for children to play, learn and grow with safe and comfortable surroundings. It helps them to develop physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally
  • International standard daycare program- We provide a truly international standard daycare. Our daycare provides various facilities like the well-trained staff and teacher, good level of safety, security and hygiene, healthcare and regular checkups with doctors, live streaming on gadgets etc.
  • Teacher Training Program- Be ready to fulfill your dream and become a Montessori Teacher. A curriculum and the entire program is structured keeping the child’s development in mind. Various experts from India and globally have contributed to creating this world-class program and we are supported by various Montessori bodies/association.
  • Assessment of children’s progress: We are constantly assessing your child’s growth and progress in all fields (i.e. language, motor skills, social bonding with students and peer etc.). We update the parents on the progress of their children to let them know and proceed with your training as per the child’s present capabilities.

Established ground rules

We are flexible enough to suit your needs as long as it falls in the short end of the spectrum, but in certain cases we have some rules set in stone to ensure the well being of all the children in the class, for instance – but we have clearly established regulations for everything from operating hours to how to handle emergencies.

Along the same lines, we are a school with a strict sick-child policy.

We have a completely strict set of rules for sick children and we decide if whether or not the child can come to class or stay at home, so we can prevent the sickness from spreading to the other children.

We have an open door policy and have nothing to hide, we will do more than letting you in, we’ll let you be a part of the community and encourage you to help our with the activities, go along with field trips and so on.

Cleanliness and Hygiene:

We make sure to use the best and safe disinfectants, sanitisers and other cleaning equipment to have a very safe and germ-free environment for the children to play and learn.

Everything is kept spic and span before the children come to learn and also disinfect the toys and play material after every play session.

Children come to preschools to study not to fall sick, and we will do the best in our powers to save the children any and all disease-causing agents.


But if you don’t need help washing the blue paint off your hands, how will you get their attention?

Aside from being easily approachable, our teachers are available for quick side chats at drop off and pick up.

We offer our email ID’s and any other convenient and respond at our fastest.

We send home personalized newsletters to update the parents on classroom activities. We want the parents to know about their child’s experience to the fullest and also to keep the parents informed about the menu, weekly lesson plans etc.We also keep you informed about the school-wide news.The directors himself will try to keep you updated on a regular basis.

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