Winter and Children


Winter and Children

Winter is an exciting time for children, but as the temperature goes down, it becomes important to pay extra attention towards safety and health of kids. Cold weather, ice, and snow can present a danger to children.
Here are some valuable tips to keep your kids safe and warm in this
chilling cold:

 Dress them in layers: Dress kids and infants in several layers of clothing and also make sure to keep their head, neck and hands
covered. Several thin layers will keep them dry and warm.

 Washing Hands– The water may seem sparkling cold and chilly and it becomes untouchable in winters but washing hands before eating should remain a habit in winters as unwashed becomes the source of infections like cold, flu, etc.

 Washing winter wear- It is advisable to wash winter jackets, shrugs etc as they attract dust and it may lead to the dust allergy.

 Keeping the room warm- Keep the room warm in winters rather than piling up layers of clothes and blankets on your children.

 Moisturize- Moisturizing is the key to perfect skin health of children in winters. After bathing, dry the body and apply the moisturizer. Inadequate moisture may lead to dry skin and even cause eczema.

 Moisturized lips and cheeks- The most affected areas during winter are lips and cheeks as they are exposed to dry winter wind. Apply moisturizer for the cheeks and use a kid’s friendly lip balm for the lips.

 Boost immunity- Bacteria and virus that float around gets attracted towards children. Prevention is better than cure, so it is better to boost your child’s immunity.

 Hydration- Even adults don’t feel to drink water in the winter.
Hydrate your child with adequate water intake. Warm water seasoned with jeera is a good choice for winter months.

 Expose your kids to sunlight- Take your kids outside in the sun if it is sunny. Some children develop Vitamin D deficiency because of lack of exposure to the sun.

 Take care of warning signs- Warning signs of flu or other diseases that are common in winters should be looked for as on time treatment may help to prevent a greater damage.
There are so many reasons to worry about winters but don’t forget to enjoy it with your kids.

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