UKG stand for Upper Kinder Garten is the next level of education and now in this stage children become responsible for new things and new responsibility and we think in UKG kid started becoming children or a student with a lot of responsibility in his/her life.

UKG is the initial level which is accomplished with social behavior which is essential for a student to learn in a school and in UKG student start it own safari with a lot of things to learn on their own.

UKG include all the basic manner, how to sit in class, how to talk to the teacher and how to respond to the situation in a school manner and now the student is completely out from kid zone.


UKG syllabus is quite large than LKG one as the student jump from initial level to primary level than it is quite obvious NUMBERS, ALPHABETS, POEMS and even STORIES are counted as the part of syllabus moreover self-confidence and self-esteem get stronger and polished in UKG.

In UKG, communication of learning begin to exchange between the student and now they start talking with their friends a talk related to study.UKG also show the spark of competition from student to student because they start understanding that a stage has come where we have competed with the other student.

UKG has an area of development up to the highest level because in UKG a student gets trained with visual discrimination, safety rules and sense of security is the important lesson in UKG stage.

Phase of Development

UKG is the complete phase of development for a student and it is accomplished with various stages of development like personal, social, emotional and cognitive development which play a vital role in a student life and are quite important to handle the situation on its own without taking an aiding hand from anyone.


This stage full of learning and only learning with a bit of responsibility.UKG is the phase of long-term learning with aesthetic sense and trains them to grab the opportunity in a positive manner.

UKG is the class where the children start growing on their by grabbing he things from surrounding and now start recognizing what is good for them and what is bad.

Theme-based Concept time

UKG also guide them “Theme-based Concept time” and you want what along with extra-curricular activities a child is responsible to score highest in exams and test as the spark of competition get enlighten in this phase automatically.

We think every school knows the pros of UKG and even the parents and we utterly believe that every phase has its own sense of power to make children responsible for the next phase of education.

Education is a ladder in which every step is fulfilled with new learning and knowledge and has its own importance in a student life same like UKG has a powerful importance and chance of development in a student life.

So, we must say every stage of education has its own importance and same like UKG.It is very important to go in every phase of education whether primary or whether secondary because every stage has it won importance and spark of learning.


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