Top 10 preschools in India

Parents will never settle for anything less than the best for their kids, be it food, clothing, toys, education etc. But here comes the hitch why would a normal person have the a list of the best options of seemingly trivial things? I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t so here’s where the internet comes in. Below are listed 10 of the best preschools in India.



10 Shemrock Preschool

It’s the pioneer of preschooling, started in 1989 it is India’s first preschool chain. With over 330 branches in India and overseas. Shemrock follows a specially designed Shemrock thematic curriculum. With a good student teacher ratio of 10:1. Good airconditioned classrooms and the most friendly atmosphere it is a prime choice to have your kids to be preschooled at.


9 Sunshine Preschool

Started in 2005 Sunshine preschools are both updated and experienced in this field, their preschools come along with a day care facility. It follows a theme based curriculum and the teachers are trained by experts within their facility. The whole institution is under video surveillance to ensure the safety of their students. The parents are also kept upto date about their child’s progress through e-mails.


8 Podar Jumbo

Established in 1927, it now consist of more than 80 branches all over India. What distinguishes this playschool from the rest is its well organised curriculum that follows a playway methodology. Programs range from toddler to senior kindergarten children. The school has a comfortable teacher-student ratio ranging from 1:7 to 1:10 depending on the program. With their unique philosophy called KiducationPodar Jumbo has set its standars high.


7 Smart Kidz

Being awarded for ‘Innovation in Preschool Education’ award at the World Education Awards 2014, it follows one of the best curriculums that lays a solid foundation for learning syllabi like ICSE, CBSE etc. This preschool focuses on the all-round development of the child i.e. physical, social, intellectual, aesthetic etc. With its homelike environment it’s a great choice.


6 Little Einsteins

Established in the year 7007, ithas more than 30 branches across India. The preschool follows the “Multiple Intelligence” based scientific approach to education. The preschool has a variety of programs such as infant program, toddler program, preschooler program and after school care. With their well-established sense of knowledge they aid in the all-round growth of kids


5 Hello kids

With over 285 branches across 22 states, it’s one of the most famous playschools in India. The curriculum is based on Montessori and playway methodologies, children are taught through examples and games. With a healthy teach student ratio of 1:10, its pleasant and productive atmosphere is just wonderful.


4 Kangaroo Kids

Started in 1993 in Mumbai and now has over 80 branches all over India, some of its centers are also situated in places like Dubai and Maldives. All the campuses share a nice spacious and pleasant environment . The curriculum mainly focuses on the emotional, physical, cognitive and linguistic development of children


3 Euro Kids

Established in 2001, it now functions in 350 cities with more than 900 centres. The curriculum is based on playway and Montessori methodologies. It’s child-friendly atmosphere together with a healthy student teacher ratio of 10:1 , it’s totally deserving to be one of the top 3 playschools in India.


2 Cambridge Montessori

It’s the most fast growing and preschool that shows a lot of promise to students and parents alike . It has a specially designed curriculum that is based on Montessori methodologies. It’s unique and excellent along with professional teaching staff coupled with its naturalistic an peacefulenvironment makes it the ideal place for all from toddlers to preschoolers.

1 Kidzee

Being a network with more than 1500+ centers operating across 550+ cities, Kidzee is the largest preschool chain in Asia. The preschool offers customized, theme based curriculum called iLLUME, which is designed to nurture your child’s unique abilities. The preschool also has age-appropriate programs for kids from playgroup to senior kindergarten. It separately offers a ‘Learning Tablet’ – a specialized electronic tablet, with parental control.

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