Summer Preschool Activities


Summer Preschool Activities

The school year is over, which means it’s time to bring on summer! Don’t let them idle away their time, keep kids busy all summer long with these simple and fun summer activities for kids.


Shell Shorting

  1. Gather your materials. You will seashells shells, a divided, platter and some tongs or kiddie chopsticks.
  2. Start by placing one of each shell in the divided sections of your platter as a guide for your child.
  3. Invite them to the table and have them use the tongs to pick up and sort the shells. If this is too frustrating, ditch the tongs and just use their hands.
  4. Talk about the shells as you play, we googled sea shells after we finished to look at even more variety of shells.
  5. Celebrate their efforts- if they sorted 4 shells or all!

Paper bag Jellyfish Craft (and colour mixing too)


  1. Gather your materials. You will need one paper bag per jelly fish, some googly eyes, glue, paint brushes, a mix of paint colours, glitter glue, and scissors.
  2. Start by painting your paper bags. My daughter jumped right in and started making pink, but her exploration of colour mixing led to green and blackish brown too.
  3. Next add glitter. Everything even jellyfish are better with glitter. We used glitter glue which is only a fraction as messy as loose glitter.
  4. Let dry – we had lunch, picked up her brother and played school while we waited for them to dry.
  5. Cut the bags with pinking shears and did it roughly so there would be some movement. Older kids might love this.
  6. Add the googly eyes and let dry again.

Ocean Sensory Tub

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a large shallow plastic container, some sea animals, some decorative pebbles, a few towels for your floor, a pitcher and some water.
  2. Start by laying out our towels and putting your container on top.
  3. Put some water in your pitcher and pour it in.
  4. Add some pebbles, you can use sand too but if you want easy clean up stick to glass pebbles.
  5. Add your toy animals.
  6. Let the learning happen! Have some scoops on hand if they just want to scoop and pour the water.

Lemonade Art


Materials Needed: For this preschool summer activities art project, purchase a large quantity of lemons

  1. Cut them in half before school starts. Let some of them dry slightly and place some others in the refrigerator.
  2. Use the slightly dried lemon halves to print with. Use yellow and pink paint to dip the lemons into and them press onto paper.
  3. Use the leftover lemons to make homemade lemonade with. The children will LOVE squeezing lemons!


Materials: Large white paper, yellow and brown finger paint, green paper, scissors and glue.

  1. The children dip their hands into yellow paint and place their hand on the white paper. Continue doing this going around in a circle to make the sunflower.
  2. They then use their fingers to make the seeds inside the sunflower by dipping them in brown paint.
  3. Have the children practice using scissors by cutting various shapes and sizes of leaves from green paper.
  4. Also, draw a solid black line on their green paper to cut on to make the stem.
  5. Then glue their stem and leaves under their sunflower.

Paper Mache Balloon


Materials Needed: For each child-small cardboard box (a tissue box works well) and a round balloon, inflated; newspaper strips (about 3 inches wide), a paste made from flour and water, tempera paint, duct tape, twine.

  1. Cover the balloon with strips of newspaper that are wet with the flour/water paste 2 to 3 times. Let dry for several days.
  2. Tie 4 pieces of twine onto the box.
  3. Pop and remove the balloons. The children can now paint their balloon.
  4. When dry, place into their box. Tape the loose ends of the 4 pieces of twine to the paper mache balloon with duct tape.
  5. Hole punch to holes at the top of the balloon shape and tie 2 longer pieces of twine to hand the balloon from the ceiling.


Baking Soda Bomb

Water, measuring cup, zipper-lock plastic sandwich bags, paper towel, tablespoon, baking soda, vinegar.

  1. Tear a paper towel into a square that measures about 5 inches by 5 inches. Put 1 1/2 tablespoons of baking soda in the centre of the square.
  2. then fold the square as shown in the picture, with the baking soda inside
  3. Pour into your plastic bag:

1/2 cup of vinegar

1/4 cup of warm water

  1. You can zip the bag halfway closed, then stuff the packet in and zip the bag closed the rest of the way in a hurry. Or you can put the time-release packet into the mouth of the bag and hold it up out of the vinegar by pinching the sides of the bag. Zip the bag closed and then let the packet drop into the vinegar.
  2. Shake the bag a little, put it in the sink or on the ground, and stand back! The bag will puff up dramatically and pop with a bang.

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