Procedure for Starting a Pre-school Business in India


 Procedure for Starting a Pre-School Business in India

This article is for all those people for a looking for the procedure for starting a pre-school business in India. Starting a preschool business in India is one of the most profitable businesses which require low investment for the establishment and functioning without compromising on the high-quality learning for kids.

After you’ve made the big decision of jumping into the business of owning a preschool, you need to make a checklist to complete the procedure involving the same.

Business Plan

The most important stage is to form a Business Plan; this stage needs to be accurate as it will form the basis of rest of the process. In this stage, you’ll write about your mission statement, marketing plan, organizational plan, staffing, operations, budgets, and more. You’ll also need to do your research, with a focus on understanding how much money you’ll need to successfully launch a preschool.

Registration & Licenses

Before taking your first step, it is very important that you equip yourself with all the information regarding your pre-school’s registration and licenses, laws it has to adhere to, safety regulations to be maintained, etc. All the legal points should be kept in mind before opening a pre-school.


The next step involves selecting a suitable location for your preschool. Ideally, a pre-school should be located in or near a residential area so as to reduce the travel time for the children and their parents.


It is logical to frame an estimation of a number of students who will be joining your preschool and it is also important to have an estimate of cost.


The floor requirement should be known before organizing the space. For a preschool comprising of 40-50 students, 2000-2500 sq. Ft. is the minimum floor requirement.

To know more about the Pre-School Business In India, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  • Suchi kucheria November 30, 2017 - 3:41am

    Interested in opening a pre-school , Can you Please provide with further information.


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