Preschool Franchise Safe Business in Delhi


Preschool Franchise Safe Business in Delhi

The concept of pre-schooling evolved in India a couple of decades back and has been developing fast in the current scenario.

Parents are more concerned than ever with their kids’ future and will spend money to give the children the best possible education right from preschool levels.

Therefore, opening a preschool franchise business in India can turn out to be a wise business decision.

While there are many preschools across various regions in India, below is the list of the most profitable pre-school franchise in India that has the best possible future.

But, is this business really safe for your investment? Is starting a preschool in Delhi safe?


How is a preschool franchise a safe business idea?


1. Franchiser’s Support

As a franchisee you enjoy a lot of leverages as most of the preschools provide staff recruitment and training, transport, gymnasium, effective promotional material and even takes care of advertising.

The Franchiser not only shares the brand image, but also the knowledge, experience, and technical expertise with you.


2. Growing Business Opportunity


Franchising has emerged as a most successful model to expand in preschool education.  Preschool education comprises a major chunk of education business in India today.

The increased consciousness among parents regarding the education of their kids has given a great boost to preschool education business.

Also, the international pre-school brands foraying into India and the up-gradation of Indian brands to provide quality education is another factor contributing to the growth of this sector.

The best way to start a preschool education business is to opt for a franchise route.


3. Low Risk

By working under the name of an established brand, as a franchise, franchising will fetch your profits in the form of easy acceptability and long-term profits.

Franchising benefits the franchise with a proven and accepted code of conduct and with a successful operational track record that the franchisor holds.

Again, there is a low risk involved as the systems and procedures are tried and tested.


4. Franchiser Support


Franchising benefits you with continued training and support. This includes initial training, ongoing support and the continued development of the products or services.

With the guidance and support rendered by the franchisor, the school franchise becomes competent enough to conduct its own set of operations.

5. Ample Returns

Franchises offer a feasibility study and suggest you the probable time you can break even.

They have financial experts who are adept at the break-even analysis and study the current market trends to project a business plan.

Profits are certainly achieved sooner as compared to any model.  Child care centers typically have fewer late and missed payments than in-home centers.

There’s something about having a physical location that encourages parents to pay for your services on time.

Using childcare software like can also help to remind parents that their bill is due soon.

No matter what type of facility you run, setting up a payment schedule and payment terms is important.


6. Preschool Equipment

They have the best and innovative global concepts and toys are sourced to suit the lesson plans and motor skills. Tools and toys pertain to learning. Play way method related toys are specifically available.


7. Good Business Opportunity

Having low entry barriers also makes this a lucrative business opportunity.

According to several recent reports conducted by different bodies, the number of children eligible to be admitted to the school is much higher in comparison to the seats available in the running preschools.

Hence, the scope is high to establish your own preschool in India.


8. Your Role in Your Business is Flexible

You may be a qualified and certified teacher who wants to interact with your preschool charges at all levels.

You may be an entrepreneur who likes kids and wants to turn that affection into a thriving business.

Define your role early on in the start-up process, so you’ll know in what areas you’ll need the most help and backup.

Investing in a preschool franchise is a potentially rewarding endeavor but it does have risks if you do not choose wisely!

Let us know via the form below if you are keen on a private consultation on this investment opportunity to grow your nest egg while achieving a sense of fulfillment and purpose!


9. Do You Want to Start a Preschool Franchise in Delhi?

Cambridge Montessori preschool and daycare is dedicated to giving the best possible start to the kids’ school life.

Become a part of establishing Cambridge Montessori preschool and daycare franchise in India. Join hands today and help us make preschool and daycare reachable to more children.

Cambridge Montessori Preschool and daycare has developed an affordable model of the preschool franchise in India on an international level, requiring low investment for the establishment and functioning of the preschool franchise in India, without compromising on the high-quality learning for kids.

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