Keep your child away from materialistic world

Keep your child away from materialistic world

“If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them, and half as much money.”
Parents can rarely make up for the quality time spent with their children because they are busy making money. In this materialistic world, it is quite a challenge to raise generous kids.


Kids today are exposed to advertisements most of the time and they are growing with games and gadgets. It is no surprise that kids these days compare happiness with owning more and more stuff. Before you are aware of it, your kids start evaluating their self-esteem and worth with their possessions.


But how to raise non-materialistic kids in such a materialistic society?

Here are a few tips that might help:

Be a good example- Your kids follow your footsteps in everything you say or you do. When you buy expensive stuff to show off or possess the attitude of ‘have to have’, then your kids will also do the same.

 Spend quality time with your kids- Do you make up for your lost time by offering expensive gifts? If your answer is yes, then you are teaching your kids that gifts are more important than relationships. Children grow up quickly. Once the important childhood years are gone, you can never get them back. So, try to cherish every moment you can spend with your children.

 Show them the reality of the world- Expanding your kids’ views about what is happening in the world will help them gain a different perspective altogether. They will get to know about the lives of the less fortunate.

 Encourage savings- Fulfilling each and every demand of your kids will never make them realize the true worth of anything. Teach your kids at an early age about how to manage and prioritize their money. Encourage your kids to start saving so that they can learn the basic lessons of budgeting.

 Keep a check on their birthday gifts- Birthdays should be no excuse to indulge them into pampering and spoiling them by fulfilling their each and every wish. If you overspend on birthdays, it will provide them with a license to do the same.

 Show them the dumping ground- How disgusting it may feel, but it will help you to show your kids that how all the toys and gifts end

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