Importance of Parent’s Participation in Play School


Importance of Parent’s Participation in Play School

Education is the process of learning or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. The education system has seen a whole lot of changes since civilization.

It has become stronger and offers a whole lot than just studying from textbooks. During civilization period people need to study writing and reading to transmit knowledge from person to person and from generation to generation.

From that time itself education is becoming an important part of everyone’s life and still, it continues and will remain forever.

Education is the basic thing in everyone’s life. Everyone must acquire basic education to live in this society. Education is the subsystem which performs some functions for the whole society.

Changes are usual in every generation. And as we move from one generation to next generation we can face some changes in the education system.

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While the nation and our public education system have changed a lot since 1921, one factor—family engagement—remains critical to student achievement.

Ongoing research shows that family engagement in schools improves student achievement, reduces absenteeism, and restores parents’ confidence in their children’s education.

Students with involved parents or other caregivers earn higher grades and test scores, have better social skills, and show improved behavior.

Becoming active in a school’s parent group is an important way to increase involvement. Involvement also encompasses:

  • Setting goals with children and fostering achievement of those goals;
  • Accessing and using children’s academic scores to ensure they’re on track.
  • Frequently viewing the parent portal (or whichever tool their school uses).
  • Developing a relationship with children’s teachers and keeping in touch with them often; and
  • Advocating for improvements in the school building and with local school boards and state and federal government to ensure schools have the resources they need to provide a world-class education to every student.

The most significant type of involvement is what parents do at home.

By monitoring, supporting and advocating, parents can be engaged in ways that ensure that their children have every opportunity for success.

Parental involvement is often seen as a cornerstone of a child’s education.

It can make a considerable difference to your child’s school life, both in academic success and in general enjoyment at school.

As well as boosting motivation and providing discipline for children, getting involved has numerous benefits for the parent.

By walking alongside their son or daughter’s education journey, parents are more likely to be sensitive to their child’s emotional and social needs.

Parental involvement creates ties and strengthens bonds with children and can boost your confidence in parenting and any decision-making when it comes to your child’s education.

Research indicates that two-thirds of teachers believe parental involvement in education results in better performance in school.

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As mentioned earlier, children tend to achieve better grades and tend to be more motivated when parents are involved. There are a couple of reasons for that.

Some research suggests parental involvement helps give children attention and praise which, in turn, helps them recognize their education is worthy of adult interest.

As children tend to model adult behaviors, when parents are actively involved with their schooling, children will learn the importance of education and try to emulate those behaviors from their parents.

It also helps children understand that their schooling isn’t just about them.  It’s a collaborative approach between pupils, teachers and their parents.

This team approach can further motivate them to work hard and produce positive results.

Children who have help from their parents are also more likely to feel competent, and school attendance becomes more important to them.

Being involved also boosts the mental health of children. It encourages communication between children and parents, which can foster higher self-esteem and confidence.

It can also help children interact better with their peers and advance their social skills.

Since parental involvement has many benefits for you, the teachers and of course your child, help him or she succeeds by thinking about what you can do to get involved.

In the early years, parents are their children’s first teachers — exploring nature, reading together, cooking together, and counting together.

When a young child begins formal school, the parent’s job is to show him how the school can extend the learning you began together at home, and how exciting and meaningful this learning can be.

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