Essentials for Opening a Preschool


Essentials for Opening a Preschool

Are you considering opening your own preschool? You’ll be part of a very rewarding experience as you help children learn and develop in their important formative years.

You may enjoy the entrepreneurial challenge of running their own business and exploring areas like marketing, operations, finances and more.

If you are considering opening your own preschool, what are the essential requirements to open one?

Find a Location.

Are you opening a preschool franchise, looking for an existing facility to buy, or starting from scratch building a new facility? In any case, you’ll need to find your preschool a home.

Check your city’s zoning laws and preschool licensing guidelines when you’re making this decision to be sure your location is compliant.

A preschool needs to be started at a location, which is child-friendly and which has ample space for infrastructure.

As for schools, hygiene and cleanliness are very important, one should make sure that the location is well maintained and does not possess any health hazards.

Meticulous Planning

Start from ensuring that you have land to build a school or at least land that is leased to you for a long duration.

Alternatively, you could lease out a build-in school from an organization that is willing to invest in the educational business.

You should have enough liquid cash to equip the school with a reasonable infrastructure.

Parents expect a preschool to have the right kind of toys, fitness equipment, reading room equipped with books, transport for a safe pick and drop of children, trained and trustworthy manpower, etc.


Estimation of Costs

The total costs of running a pre-school can be divided into 2 components. They are fixed and variable expenses. As the name suggests, variable expenses fluctuate on a monthly basis.

These expenses include electricity, transportation, salaries, rent, lease, etc. On the other hand, fixed expenses include mostly onetime purchases like computers, tables, boards, etc.

A depreciation will be charged on them over the years. Your main investment for opening a small pre-school (with a hypothetical strength of 40-50 students) should be about ₹15-20 lakh.

  • Licensing

Licenses and approvals are a major part. This involves the municipal corporation, education board or council, local education and health departments and legal requirements for setting up our own preschool.

A complete and clear documentation is expected from every preschool.

These could be sanction letters from the bank, approvals, and licenses from the authorities or curriculum approvals from the education board.

Every single paper should be approved and maintained for records.


Advertising Your New Start Up

Reaching every home near your newly started preschool business is very important, target schools where parents meet, gardens and ice cream parlors are where you can reach your customer in the first phase of starting.

A good hand colored bills with kids, cartoons and play activities listed will sell more. List some of your less technical terms that parents can understand like worksheets, age group details, playgroup activities like drawing, craft, songs, poems and other preschool fun activities.

Also list creatives and art topics, health-related like yoga, dance activities that you can teach children in starting stage of your preschool.



The staff whether teaching or non-teaching needs to be experienced, trained and genuinely interested in spending time with the kids.

Disinterested individuals can create problems and negative impact on the tiny minds. A preschool or early childhood learning center is only as good as its teachers.

Therefore, you should be sure to hire the right personnel. Identify how many staff members you will need.

It will depend on your state’s ratio requirements, the ages of the children and your approach. Seek staff who share your program’s philosophy and goals.

Select Tools and Services

There are many resources to help you start a preschool and run it successfully.

You may need an electronic billing system and you will probably need a learning documentation and parent engagement software applications.

This will also include all the toys, playground equipment and other such things.

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