Difference Between Primary Schools and Pre Schools


 Difference Between Primary  Schools and Pre Schools

People are often ignorant about the difference between primary schools and preschools and deny their child of valuable lessons learned through preschool that could change lives.

Difference Between Primary  Schools and Pre Schools are as follows:



  • Children who are too young to go to school attend preschools.
  • They serve as the foundation for academic learning.
  • It assists the child to grasp phonics and reading skills.
  • Interaction with other children.
  • Assists in developing social skills of a child.
  • Prepare a child for the primary education.
  • Generally, includes Reading and Language Arts, Basics of Math, Social Studies, Science, Health, Physical Education, Art, Music and Environmental Education.

Primary schools

Primary school denotes the first three or four years of schooling where the child learns basics of all subjects.
Provides a curriculum for well-rounded learning.

  • Develop language and numeracy skills.
  • Helps in nurturing sound values and good habits.
  • Prepare the students for secondary education.
  • Subjects covered are based on a range of disciplines.
  • It generates various opportunities to access the library, etc
  • Generally, includes Language, Mathematics, Social studies, Physical Education, Health, and Science.

In this article, you learned the main difference between primary schools and preschools. 

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