Cambridge Montessori preschool is poised to create a learning environment for tiny tots, which is based on internationally renowned Montessori philosophy.





Cambridge Montessori Pre School Creates a healthy happy environment for children to learn, explore and grow in a warm, caring atmosphere and can develop to the full potential with confidence in the company of supportive teachers.

Children develop best in a caring environment where they are allowed to express themselves and when learning experiences interest them and are part of their world.

The Cambridge Montessori Pre School environment is a nourishing place for children. It is designed to meet the child’s need for self-construction.

The environment is responsive to the continually changing needs of the growing child. The expression is encouraged through art/craft and drama. A positive self-concept is a foundation for learning success.

The child’s self-esteem is central to CMPS education. At CMPS, we believe in providing an all-round learning environment which will help the child to develop physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally.

According to the Division of Early Childhood Recommended Practices. Safe, responsive, and nurturing environments are an important part of supporting the learning and development of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Such environments also help to prevent challenging behaviors and serve as a core component of interventions for infants and young children with identified disabilities.

We strive to create environments that support their children’s learning across different age groups (e.g. infants, toddlers, preschoolers) and developmental domains (e.g. social, communication, cognitive, motor).

School Learning



Our well-designed classroom environments mainly promote:

We specifically design our preschools to have an engaging and aesthetically-pleasing space. Cambridge Montessori preschools’ environment is organized with materials carefully selected to engage children in developmentally appropriate learning tasks.

Children will be interacting with each other and with teachers in small groups throughout the room.



Our preschool classroom is well lit and inviting with student work posted around the classroom, not commercial posters that carry no meaning to the child in our environment.

Open-ended toys and materials are readily accessible to promote creativity and a mini-library should are available to promote literacy and a love of reading.

Our preschool room possesses all these qualities. Additionally, we have real plants and pets to nurture care and responsibility.

We also focus on maintaining a safe and germ-free environment in our playschools, all the edibles are prepared, served and stored in clean and nontoxic containers/utensils, the classrooms and toys are disinfected every day to keep the kids safe from all possible disease-causing pathogens.

The first and last task of the day to us is maintaining the cleanliness of the playschool.

Our classrooms reflect the aims of our preschool. It reflects our school’s main educational and developmental goals. Our preschool learning environment promotes these key objectives:

Our preschool environment is also specifically destined help kids to acquire and develop some of these key traits.


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