Cambridge Montessori preschool is poised to create a learning environment for tiny tots, which is based on internationally renowned Montessori philosophy.


Cambridge Montessori Pre School Creates an healthy happy environment for children to learn, explore and grow in a warm, caring atmosphere and can develop to the full potential with confidence in the company of supportive teachers. Children develop best in a caring environment where they are allowed to express themselves and when learning experiences interest them and are part of their world. The Cambridge Montessori Pre School environment is a nourishing place for children. It is designed to meet the child’s need for self-construction. The environment is responsive to the continually changing needs of the growing child. Expression is encouraged through art/craft and drama. A positive self-concept is the foundation for learning success. The child’s self-esteem is central to CMPS education. At CMPS, we believe in providing an all-round learning environment which will help the child to develop physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally.

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