The ABC’s of starting a Preschool

Preschools are a blooming business in modern times, they are not only profitable but also fun if you love working with kids. Preschools need to be safe, comfortable, have an environment that supports learning and playing. There are a solid set of requirements that are mandatory and they change from country to county and state to state. Let’s go briefly know the basics about setting up a fun, safe and awesome preschool.


  • The easiest difficult task is to find a name, as simple as it may sound it’s the most mind-boggling task. Pst! A small tip don’tgo overboard keep it peppy and simple, most importantly trust your choice
  • Find the perfect place to set up a preschool, a nice large open area is a must so that the children will have a nice play area. Make sure the neighborhood is safe, quiet and peaceful to ensure the protection of the children.
  • Opt for a franchise if you can because it’s simpler, financially secure, setting up the preschool seems to be a piece of cake and you don’t need to advertise as the franchiser would do it plus it won’t take long for your school to be squirming with children.
  • Find capable teachers and workers, a handful of good men is better than a multitude of slackers. This is half the job in itself, but once it’s over with everything else will fall into place with time.
  • Adopt the finest curriculum and also make arrangements for related games, activities etc. You’ll need a lot of supplies ranging from Legos to black boards. (A few more examples of the supplies are: Kinex, dolls, action figures, play dough, clay, animal figurines, Magnetic or plastic numbers, letters and shapes.)
  • Blocks, I bet you’re wondering why I mentioned this separately, well it’s because they are a great way to cultivate fine motor skills in children and this greatly affects their spatial reasoning. (PS I have never been to a preschool, I can’t drive and I always get lost… BLOCKS ARE IMPORTANT!)
  • Give it time don’t be discouraged and give into doubt. Keep thinking on how to improve your school, stay up to date and keep your quality under constant surveillance.

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