6 Benefits of Choosing Preschool Franchise

6 Benefits of Choosing Preschool Franchise

6 Benefits of Choosing Preschool Franchise

Starting an independent school is starting an entirely new business from scratch. Even though starting a school is the most personally satisfying option, but it is also the toughest too. The process of starting a school is quite lengthy and challenging.

No one can deny the contribution of franchising in revolutionizing the education industry in India especially preschools. Franchising has transformed the pre-school education from an unorganized play way or Creche concept to an organized playschool status.

It has not only reformed the education system but has also emerged as a promising business opportunity for entrepreneurs who are willing to take up an education business. This is also a great opportunity for entrepreneurs.


Here are Six Amazing Benefits of Opening a Preschool Franchise:

1. Let’s You be Your Own Boss:

Franchise opportunities in any industry, including pre-school, helps you to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams. It empowers you to say goodbye to a tedious and binding job with a strict 8–9-hour schedule.

As a play-school requires a maximum of 6 hours to be invested every day, you end up with ample time in your hand to follow your heart while making a good amount of money.

2. Diminishes Likelihood For Losses:


Initial investment to start a play-school franchise would cost anywhere between 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs depending upon the stature of the brand.

Though it generally takes some time to achieve the break-even point instances of the business going to losses have been very less.

3. Step-by Step Guidance to Kick-Start Your Enterprise:

Most of the established play-schools provide support from the very first until the last step of setting up a play-school franchise which reduces the scope for mistakes and the resultant losses.

This includes outlining the school layout, infrastructural requirements, curriculum planning, teacher training, marketing, utilities and school operations management to name a few.

4. Helps You Monetize Your Spaces:

Play-school franchise opportunities aid you in utilizing the piece of land you have and drawing revenues out of it.

So, if you have any piece of land which has been lying vacant for years, you know what options you have to use it judiciously, given the fact that it fulfills the other conditions for opening a school for toddlers.

 5. You Get to Spend Some time With Little Angels:

Spending time with children has been a proven stress-buster for years. Moreover, children teach you some essential life-lessons that we might have forgotten in the journey to adulthood.

The play-school franchise gives you an opportunity to explore the landscape of a child’s point of view.

6. You Do Your Bit Towards Quality Education Accessible:

Playschool franchise is not just a business model, it is also an opportunity to make a difference by making quality education available for children at the very first level stage of their learning trajectory.

It has been emphasized enough that most of the development and learning for a child takes place during the first six years of his or her life.

Therefore, it is imperative to provide them with avenues for quality education and advanced learning.

There are many brands claiming to provide excellent infrastructure but actually, they fail to maintain basic hygiene, safety, and security or they do not have ample or eligible staff.

But, any prospective franchisee should look at three key aspects of a pre-school brand when considering a franchise partnership.

These aspects are curriculum and approach, support offered and brand value and lineage. So, which preschool franchise should you pick?

Cambridge Montessori preschool has these aspects and much more! Our franchise is the best pick for you because of the following:

  1. Proper Planning of Site and Sourcing of Raw Materials:

Before starting any new branch of our CMPS, we choose the appropriate site for the school and then the team of experts decides the interior and outer designs for the infrastructure of the school.

  1. Full Academic Support With Regular Workshops:

We are providing full academic support to our franchisees by arranging workshops and programs for students and teachers, providing important notices and circulars, monthly and yearly planners, activity sheets and different teaching aids.

Regular workshops are arranged with a view to keeping our teachers and students up to date on educational developments.

  1. Advertisements and Marketing:

We make sure that we properly advertise our new branches with different media advertisements platform like digital marketing with social media campaigns and by providing advertisements on Google, advertisements in newspapers and various electronic media advertisements, also the local mediums.

  1. Regular Monitoring of Different Branches:

We keep sending our professional team of experts who check/examine various aspects to ensure proper education and training provided to students keeping the Icon fundamentals intact.

We keep all details and records of our all pre-schools as we want to improve our organization of pre-schools, every day.

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