10 Healthy Juices For Child

10 Healthy Juices For Child

Water is essential for everyone to live on this planet. To keep your body dehydrated, consuming water is the better option. Juice also plays a vital role in the maintenance of health of an adult, toddler, and children. It provides nutrients for the body. Kids need all the essential nutrients for their body as they are growing each and every second. Even though children need milk and water, juices also can build their body. Now let us go through some of the healthy juice options for children.
NOTE: Remember to serve limited amount of juices as it can cause
tooth decay and obesity.

1. Watermelon juice:

A perfect drink for summer days to avoid dehydration. It also contains fiber which is essential for child growth.

2. Carrot juice:

Carrot contains carotene which is very good for eyes.

3. Apple juice:

AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY. Apple contains the high amount of calcium and fiber which is essential for children’s body.

4. Orange juice:

Orange is mostly preferred by the majority of the kids. It contains the good source of vitamin C and potassium.

5. ABC juice (Apple, Beetroot, Carrot juice):

A healthy drink for children for the good functioning of immune system.

6. Grape juice:

Grapes is fully filled with anti-oxidants. It is one of the easy digestive fruit. Grapes can reduce the acidity of the stomach.

7. Coconut water:

Coconut water can boost the immune system and it contains vitamins and minerals and has equal importance as breast milk.

8. Mango juice:

This easily digestible fruit is protected eyesight and strengthen the immune system.Always remember to choose to ripen mangoes as otherwise, it can be indigestible.

9. Tomato juice:

The highly nutritional vegetable juice can supply vitamin A to the children. The high source of anti-oxidants present in the tomato can neutralize the metabolism.

10. Lemon water:

Lemon is good for the body to get rid of digestive problems. Lemon juice can avoid Diarrhea and it can reduce the symptom of vomiting in children.
The health of children is important for each parent. So do not offer them more fruit juices as it leads to complicated health issues. Offer them a minimum amount and they can enjoy different taste and flavors. Hope this article gives you an idea about juices that stay children healthy.

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